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    Cleaning company - MoClean24

    We are a family company with over 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Professional upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, carpet cleaning, impregnation, car interior cleaning, car disinfection, air conditioning cleaning, ozonation, ozone and nicotine odor removal.

    About us

    We are a local company. To use our services, you don’t have to think about transporting items to us to be washed. We are happy to come to your place! Thanks to this, your upholstered furniture, sofa, car or carpet will be quickly and effectively cleaned, your air conditioner will be professionally disinfected and the burning smell will be removed, if necessary.

    The whole process takes just a few hours and your sofa, chair, armchair, upholstery or carpet will be refreshed. Not only will they look brand new, they will be free of microorganisms and unpleasant odours too.

    10 years of experience

    Your upholstered furniture, leather upholstery, car seats and air conditioning are in good hands with us.

    We gently clean your upholstered and leather furniture using the spray extraction method. With our mobile cleaning service, we offer an inexpensive, efficient and professional cleaning of all types of upholstery within a 30 km radius around Stuttgart and with free delivery.

    We offer the following services:

    Why choose our service?

    Because we, M&O Clean-Service, are a small local company with years of experience in the cleaning sector. We specialise in professional stain removal, ozone cleaning of your home, car, office and disinfection of any surface.

    We are your experts for upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, carpet cleaning, car interior cleaning and ozone cleaning in and around Böblingen.

    We direct our services to both commercial and private customers. In addition to fair prices with no hidden costs, we offer: site visits, fast appointments and, of course, free advice. Give us a call – we look forward to hearing from you.

    Expert staff

    Convenient price

    Affordable service

    We offer upholstery cleaning for all kinds of furniture and fabrics. We clean almost everything - from corner sofas, stools, office chairs, seats on boats and ships, in hotels and even those in restaurants. In addition, we disinfect air-conditioning systems ourselves, remove the burning smell in your flat, and are able to permanently get rid of the smell of nicotine.
    Professional upholstery cleaning with deep cleaning and nano-impregnation with biodegradable products.
    With our mobile cleaning service, we offer affordable and professional cleaning of all types of upholstery in the Stuttgart district up to 30 km - including a free ride. Whether it is your private upholstery or you run a business where upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned - we are your partner for cleaning upholstered furniture and associated cushions and accessories. The innovative ozone cleaning is particularly recommended. Ozonation in your car or interiors prevents and neutralises odours in the long term. Whether you want to remove the smell of cigarettes or clean the upholstery - you have come to the right place. We are your specialists for disinfecting, cleaning and refreshing upholstery and interiors in the home, office and car.
    Our staff are well trained and professionally prepared to inspect your upholstery, covers, fabrics and materials to be cleaned, estimate the degree of soiling of the upholstery to be cleaned and carry out the cleaning in a professional manner.
    Place an order and we will come to you at the times you specify - we will take care of the cleaning professionally and quickly. If there is a need to clean utility premises, it is also possible to make an appointment outside working hours or at times when there is much less traffic. For us, there is no problem at all. We focus on your needs and take care of odour removal, disinfection and, if necessary, professional upholstery cleaning. Our speciality is ozone treatment in the home and car.
    In addition to upholstered furniture cleaning for private customers, we also offer one-off or regular upholstery cleaning for business customers. Arrangements for regular or shorter cleaning intervals are particularly desirable in branches such as gastronomy or hospitality.
    We offer the high-quality cleaning and odour elimination of upholstered and leather furniture for which we have been known in Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg for years - at the best possible price-performance ratio.
    Contact us - we will be happy to present you a suitable and no-obligation offer for the regular cleaning of your company's leather upholstered furniture, as well as professional vehicle cleaning.
    The price for upholstery and leather cleaning depends in particular on the size of your sofa or armchair and the degree of soiling. Feel free to send us photos or dimensions of your upholstered furniture along with your location and we will provide you with a free offer, tailored to your needs.
    In addition, we offer carpet cleaning using a special and incomparable dry carpet cleaning system, which achieves a deep cleanliness in the fibres.
    This encapsulation method is used on light to medium carpets. For this purpose, a special cleaning activator is applied to the carpet and gently combed between the fibres. This binds the dirt and encapsulates it. The activator leaves no residue and has a low moisture content. Therefore, the activator and encapsulated dirt can be easily removed from the carpet by vacuuming immediately after drying. We achieve very good results against dirt and odours in your textiles.
    After 4 hours, the carpet is dry and ready to be used again, so your home can be free from any odour, including a dog odour.
    With our mobile cleaning service, we offer professional car interior cleaning directly at your location. In 4.5 hours we will reliably prepare the interior of your vehicle! It will be completely disinfected, cleaned and refreshed - even nicotine odours are permanently removed.
    Choose the best cleaning for your car from 3 cleaning programmes. Prices apply to cars with normal levels of dirt. For heavy soiling, e.g. construction debris, sand, animal hair or similar, an additional charge may apply. Larger vehicles are also reliably cleaned for an additional charge of €15 (off-road vehicles, SUVs) or €20 (vans, minibuses). Vehicles used for commercial purposes, such as Sprinters, are cleaned by prior arrangement of the price.
    We offer: Upholstery cleaning of all types of furniture and fabrics. We clean and disinfect everything from corner sofas to stools, as well as office chairs, carpets and seats on boats and ships, in hotels and restaurants.

    Professional upholstery cleaning with deep cleaning and nano impregnation. Biodegradable products.

    With our mobile cleaning service we offer in the Stuttgart district up to 30 km, inexpensive and professional cleaning, odour neutralisation, ozone treatment of upholstery of all kinds including free transport. Whether it is your private upholstery or you run a business where upholstered furniture is to be cleaned or refreshed - we are your partner when it comes to the thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture and the corresponding cushions and accessories.

    Leather is beautiful when it is regularly cared for. To this end, we offer you the appropriate cleaning and care of your leather upholstery. Leather is a special type of material - although durable, it requires proper maintenance at least twice a year. We are happy to support you in keeping your leather furniture in good condition.
    Both natural leather and imitation leather have a protective layer. It is important to clean them gently and care for them with the right products, which prevents damage or discolouration and gives the furniture a shiny appearance.
    Our company uses professional leather cleaners - they are a guarantee of proper care. Remember - the use of unsuitable cleaning products often leads to damage to the leather! The damage is often irreversible. Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning leather. Therefore, we guarantee a high quality service.
    Do you want your furniture to shine and inspire with its design? Contact us now! Whether you are a private individual or a businessman. We are at your service.

    How much does it cost to clean leather?
    The price of leather cleaning depends in particular on the size of your sofa and how dirty it is. Send us a photo or the dimensions of your leather furniture along with the location and we will prepare a free individual quotation for you. Quality is our top priority. Our cleaning, disinfection and ozonation offers ensure your satisfaction and well-being.
    Ozone cleaning in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. Appropriate and effective disinfection.
    In the Stuttgart area we offer effective disinfection with ozone in flats, offices, commercial premises and public buildings. Ozone treatments not only disinfect the premises, but also eliminate unpleasant odours in the long term, e.g.: burns, paints, solvents, cigarette smoke and animal excrement. In addition, they help to combat viruses and remove any bacteria from the environment.

    We offer ozone treatments in the following areas:
    Medical and veterinary practices
    Beauty salons
    Wellness and SPA zones
    Sports facilities
    Disinfection of car air conditioning
    Neutralisation of odours in the vehicle interior.

    Call us on the number provided - we will prepare an individual offer for you, specially tailored to your requirements!
    Free shuttle service to Stuttgart and the surrounding area (up to 30 km from the Magstadt/Böblingen district).

    Baden-Württemberg: Magstadt, Stuttgart, Gärtringen, Filderstadt, Heimsheim, Weil der Stadt, Holzgerlingen, Korntal-Münchingen, Leonberg, Kornwestheim, Renningen, Tamm, Herrenberg, Calw, Weissach, Ludwigsburg, Remseck am Neckar, Tübingen, Böblingen, Rutesheim, Ditzingen, Sindelfingen, Gerlingen.

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