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    Ozone cleaning

    Ozonbehandlung - Magstadt, Stuttgart, Gärtringen, Filderstad, Heimsheim, Weil der Stadt, Holzgerlingen, Korntal-Münchingen, Leonberg, Kornwestheim, Renningen, Tamm, Herrenberg, Calw,Weissach, Ludwigsburg, Remseck am Neckar, Tybinga, Böblingen, Rutesheim, Ditzingen, Sindelfingen, Gerlingen

    Ozone treatment in Magstadt and the surrounding area

    Are you looking for a reliable partner for disinfection and odour removal? We ensure that all internal rooms are disinfected for a long period of time. So – you have come to the right place. While conventional cleaners and disinfectants often only mask odours, our team effectively neutralises odours and other undesirable substances using ozone.

    Ozonation works against:

    • unpleasant odours (cigarette smoke, burnt smell, solvent smell, animal excrement, musty smell, etc.);
    • germs, viruses and bacteria (e.g. flu viruses or corona), fungi, fungal spores and moulds;
    • fleas, mites and moths.

    Why ozone?

    • Ozone is the second most powerful disinfectant in the world.
    • Ozone comes from nature.
    • Ozone has no negative effects on health.

    Furthermore, ozone is also an excellent oxidising agent. It reacts intensively with other substances, oxidises them and then decomposes into harmless oxygen. Among other things, ozone develops this property due to odour molecules that are deep in the upholstery of furniture, car seats and carpets and cannot be removed by conventional means.

    Ozonation can specifically destroy these molecules and rid your home, room or car of unwanted odours.

    How does our ozonation work?

    During ozonation, the machine produces and releases bacteria and odour molecules that kill the O³ gas.


    All nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach areas that cannot be cleaned by hand are reached by ozonation.

    The ozone gas also penetrates to the deeper levels of the entire house or upholstery.

    To do this, we place the ozone device in the room, seal all openings and let it run for 20-60 minutes – depending on the degree of soiling.

    We offer ozone treatments in the following areas

    • residential spaces;
    • day care centres and schools;
    • hotels and conference rooms;
    • offices;
    • operating theatres, medical and therapists’ practices, hospitals;
    • car interiors;
    • beauty salons;
    • wellness and spa zones;
    • sports facilities;
    • combating fungus, mould and damp odours even after a flood.

    What is the cost of ozonation/ozone cleaning?

    Ozone cleaning depends on the size of the room and how it is used. The price of ozonation is determined by the number of m3. We offer a free quotation for ozonation.

    We are pleased to offer you a complete package, which includes both cleaning and ozonation.

    The price quoted is for a clean ozone treatment. Ozonation of cars directly on site

    – CAR € 59,00

    – BUS € 89,00

    We are in Magstadt, Stuttgart and the surrounding area

    We provide our services throughout Baden-Württemberg:

    Magstadt, Stuttgart, Gärtringen, Filderstadt, Heimsheim, Weil der Stadt, Holzgerlingen, Korntal- Münchingen, Leonberg, Kornwestheim, Renningen, Tamm, Herrenberg, Calw, Weissach, Ludwigsburg, Remseck am Neckar, Tübingen, Böblingen, Rutesheim, Ditzingen, Sindelfingen, Gerlingen.

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    Feedback about our services!

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    Reliable and tip-top 🙂 Mr Olski does a great job. The seating group shines with a new glow. The company is highly recommended.

    testimonial icon

    Michael cleaned my Chautsch very thoroughly and neatly. It is clean and looks like new, even though it is 8 years old now. I would be happy to use his services again. I would recommend it to everyone - great result.

    Klaus Ritz
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    Michael is super friendly and reliable, works clean and the result is unbelievably good. 👍 The price is very fair for his work, and importantly Michael travels a lot of kilometres to get to the client. He contacted us again two days later to make sure everything was in order (after drying), which we really liked. Really recommendable, we would be happy to use his services again in the future.

    Rebecca Arnold
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    I can truly recommend these services! Uncomplicated, professional, on time and appropriately priced 👍🏻. Our sofa looks brand new! We are always happy to come back.

    Maur Zio
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    Very professional service, people know what they are doing. My dog peed on the sofa in the living room a few times and after cleaning it was like new. Today I booked the service for the 2nd time. I am really very satisfied and can recommend this company.

    Mary S

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